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Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of the tryant

I am not a neutral person when it comes to Saddam Hussein. Ever since I was a child I was around family, friends who educated me in what he and his regime were doing to my people back in Iraq. I hated the man, for making my parents leave their own country and live as foreigners in other countries for our whole lives. I have lived in the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the UK and I am 25.

The end of him can have several different meanings, I think today’s end was a bitter disappointment for me because it proved to me once in for all that the government and people in charge of Iraq are clowns. They are like sports managers and team owners that need to be changed cause the franchise keeps losing and has no real hope of getting better.

Is this an example we want to set up for the world? We could have just done with the photo of Saddam’s dead body to know he is dead. We talk about unity and forgiveness but when an eye for an eye is being practised on live television one begins to wonder?

What about the justice for the rest of Iraq? The people of Dujail should be happy today because they received justice for the crimes committed against them but what about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis whose cases against Saddam won’t mean much because of the hanging of the tyrant? That makes me sad.

From around 2 pmish my time I was telling everyone that the whole thing was a Dawa against Ba’ath victory rather than an Iraqi one. About half an hour an article was written with the same story written except it wrongly stated Ibrahim Ja’afari was the number 1 person in Dawa and Nouri Al Maliki number 2. It’s the opposite actually but that’s not the point, the point is that Al Ja’afari made sure that the Dujail trial came up first to show the heroic resistance of the Dawa party when there were much better cases he could have been tried on. Then secondly Al Maliki rushed this whole process and guess where the leaked video of Saddam’s dead body ended up? Beladi TV station which is one of the Iraqi TV stations that are hardly watched by Iraqis. Its not state television, that was the first tape of him about to get hanged that was on state television…….. the second tape of the dead body in white covers was leaked to Al Dawa.....

I am not unhappy he is dead, I am just saddened how a political party’s vendetta took a whole country’s hate for Saddam and used it to finally do what they have been hoping to do for so long.

May all those who died or have suffered under the hands of Saddam and his stooges rest in peace. Your memories sadly will be only remembered by your families and those Iraqis in the same boat as you but thanks to politics the whole world will never really understand the tyrant Saddam Hussein really was.

Now its turn to hope that the same fate bestows Moqtada Al Sadr and Islamic extremism in Iraq is defeated the way Ba'athism has been

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Iraq Study Group report? A JOKE

American taxpayers, sorry your money was taken away from you to produce something that really doesn't present real solutions nor does it help the current situation in Iraq which continues to slide towards the bad......

This is just ridiculous, and disgusting to read as a moderate liberal Iraq who wants his or her own country to get better. The truth is that this is a report that has points I agree with but those are far and few between. Anyone who knows a little about Iraq could have come up with some of the points of the report.

Sunni insurgents are being supported financially by individuals from the Arab world? Really no shit!!?? Good one….. That must have taken a while to realise…….

Shiite members of militias are in the ministries and security forces and some are rogue elements that work on their own? Wow James Baker you must be a genius for that one too…..

The only thing missing from the report was the following:

In conclusion, we decide that the best course of action for peace in Iraq is to let our old friend Saddam out of jail and allow him to continue what he did in the past to secure the area. I am surprised they left that part out.

How many references to Kurds and Kurdistan? You add them all up and there are more references to oil and that is not me being biased….. Next time you want to write about Iraq visit all of Iraq. They did not even visit the Kurdish north because once again they are expandable to keep Turkey happy. Why didn't Baker say well investment and life in Iraqi Kurdistan is booming and it continues to progress and we hope the rest of Iraq follows suit by creating a security apparatus loyal to the country first......

A centralised government? No autonomous regions? Who are you to know what Iraqis all want. Some Iraqis will be happy with the report, especially those who are anti American and want to prove Bush wrong at any cost.

This is not about Bush, things were done wrong but for example why did they not look at the root causes of the problems? For example unemployment in the youth is sky high and they have nothing to do or earn so they join the insurgents or the militias….. How do you avoid that? Give them something to do…. Bring back conscription…… Don’t bring back the old army in its entirety but bring back conscription and you will see a difference in the problem….

Corruption is a rampant problem, I regret my vote and wish there were new elections again and I think I am not all alone, the ministers are sitting down enjoying the lives they used to say Saddam enjoyed…. They are all multi-millionaires now and for god’s sake I know you like the prestige but in the end of the day you have made your money leave…… I am not talking about all but most and I know personally how Iraqis can be…..

Like look at me I have the best cars or best this… one of the ministers I know personally has his son hired in another ministry and his son doesn’t even speak any language besides English, he is learning….. this is disgraceful and upsetting because it seem like I have given up on good people…. We think the world is full of good people but sadly we know that is not the case…..

Arrest Hareth Al Dhari and Moqtada Al Sadr, this will make a double statement that we don’t differentiate between criminals……whether Sunni or Shiite it doesn’t matter, a criminal is a criminal….. I don’t understand what they are waiting for?

My Iraq study recommendations to Bush:

- Bring back conscription, give the youth something to do, fighting for their own country back from the corrupt Iraqis who are everywhere

- Arrest all those clerics that talk about hate and evil….. Hareth, Moqtada etc….
- All Iraqis given high positions such as minister or undersecretary should not have any immediate family allowed to work in any ministry or work in embassies around the world. ENOUGH NEPOTISM WE ARE SICK OF IT
- Fix the basic utilities, these should not even be ministries…. Give the utility ministries by force to technocrats with financial aid that will instil all the necessities……
- Ask the allies of the US in the Arab world to hand over all those Iraqis who are busy collecting funds in the countries they live in and send it back to Iraq to promote their own agendas or to keep the infighting going on….
- Give all your support and funding to Iraqi liberals and moderate even if it is out there in the open, we don’t care…. They don’t have armies, they have words and just as we see with Fouad Siniora in Lebanon that can’t help much…..

Have a nice day :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My first thoughts...

Hello all, I will be writing on Sami's blog from now on. My points of view may be different in some aspects but we both hope for the Iraqi people to share the same sort of lives that they have not been able to enjoy for too many years.....

On Friday 17 Nov 2006 a Kuwaiti writer Abdullah Al-Nafisi issued an ominous warning to the Gulf people and states that if they don't wake up to the coming immense threat which is casting its shadow it will be too late. He referred directly to the presumed imminent threat by what is going right now in Basra. He stated that Basra is now totally controlled by Iran. This sounds horrific indeed, but what are the real events and what are Dr Al-Nafisi’s motives? On the same day that Nafisi was trumpeting his catastrophic vision of the Middle East region, Mr Gordon Brown was visiting the British troops in Basra where the BBC correspondent spoke live from Basra about the city and the would-be next prime minister’s trip to strengthen the morale of the forces.

At the same time the reporter stated that the promising people of this beleaguered believed that "healthy drinking water is a luxury in Basra." The truth is that healthy drinking water has been a kind of dear luxury since 1991 after the spark of the intifada against Saddam that started in Basra and swept through the whole country albeit a small number of areas. Saddam decided to punish the whole population of Basra by cruel methods that included depriving the people of the city of clean drinking water, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of fragile people, particularly children. Al-Nafisi lives in Kuwait, was a witness to the invasion of Kuwait and Saddam’s threat, and was quite aware of the continuous and carefully planned process of extermination. To add insult to injury Saddam after many years decided that he would do something about the water problem. He called his project "Loyalty to the Leader" and everyone in Basra remembers it as a big mockery. Why is Nafisi suddenly so worried about the people and city of Basra? Actually it is the old-new perennial sickness in the Arabic World.

The majority of the inhabitants of Basra are Arabic Shi’ites and this is a nightmare for the people of the Arabian Peninsula. Anotherthing al Al-Nafisi mentioned in his appearance on the Al-Jazira channel was no less significant. He stated that we, i.e. Arabs who share his mentality and they seem to be in the majority, are now surrounded by a dreadful and unprecedented danger. He emphasised that the movement of Al-Hooti in Saada in Yemen as another threat, this one coming from the south of the peninsula implicitly accusing the Shiites of being the root of the problem. If anybody thinks that Nafis is is an unrealistic scaremonger must be mistaken as the majority of elite Arab and Islamic ideologists think on the same lines though they pretend to adopt an ostentatious liberal attitude (actually Nafisi has always been considered moderate and somewhat liberal ).

One can easily detect the fundamental errors in their ideation which can be summarised by these points:

1. They have never moved from the theocracy despite the huge political heritage in the history of the Islamic Empire

2. Monopoly of the truth as the High Sunni Clergy sees this truth.

3. No place and no acceptance of the others and especially the Shia.

Some could be misled that these issues have appeared anew on the political arena in the middle-east because of the Coalition invasion of Iraq and what happened after the fall of Saddam. No that is entirely wrong. I remind my readers of what Saddam and the Baathists used to repeat during the Iraq-Iran war 1980-1988. He said the road to Jerusalem passes through Tehran and it is well-known that all what Saddam had said or done was wholeheartedly endorsed by the majority of people in The Peninsula and up till now they don't hide their lamentations about the dishonourable fate of Saddam.

I believe that the Kurds of Iraq suffered horribly simply they were considered unprepared to play their assigned role in the sectarian conflict. They adhered to their nationalism instead.
So looking at their theocratic, monopolistic and exclusive manners of dealing with the other religious varieties in the Arab world there will be a hard job for those who think that the democratic solution is achievable in the near future. Nevertheless and ironically enough Iraq will be a quite different matter. The majority in Iraq will never be granted their due right of living as equals in a real democracy but they will wrench it out and hopefully soon.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Does he deserve it? Yes

Today was an intense day where I went through a whole range of emotions and felt sad, happy and every other feeling a human might be able to enjoy but yet still I am unsure the source of this frustration.

My hopes from the days where there were rumors Saddam was going to be toppled was simple, finally the world can see what sort of man he was, and the type of regime he helped create that killed, maimed, raped, stole and ethnically cleansed so many people inside the borders of Iraq and in neighboring Kuwait and Iran.

I hoped that my Arabic friends would finally realize that after the removal of Saddam what the majority of Iraqis were suffering from. I don't want to use the terms Shiites, sunnis, kurds etc not because I don't believe they exist, on the contrary there have been differences between Iraqis for years before and believe me for years after Saddam's reign. The point I am trying to make is that the media picks up a rally in Tikrit and a rally in Sadr City and then can generalize the whole verdict into two camps. If only life was that simple, its a good thing reporters don't work on business deals cause with incomplete information they would not do terribly well.

The truth is I know Sunni Arabs who were so happy with the verdict and I know Shiite Arabs who were saddened about what happened. Now I don't have figures or numbers but the people crying for Saddam inside Iraq are those who enjoyed life under his rule, and those who like to attach themselves to fake heroes who in their minds stand in the face of Western power...... Inside Iraq the majority of people know by now that Saddam is BS and the same man who liked his whiskey on the rocks is not genuine when he shouts out 'God is Great' and Long live Iraq.

Long live Iraq? Buddy you helped alienise whole communities into becoming unintelligent ready to raise the pictures of people like moqtada who have done 0 for the advancement of Iraq or mankind but are given the title Sayed due to his bloodline. Its funny seeing Iran, the US and Sadr all agreeing finally on something and it is sad that it had to be the verdict of Saddam that brought all these people together.

I honestly think that if I were for capital punishment this would be the best day of my life but the best thing is insulting and humiliating somebody and I believe that day came a couple of Decembers ago when Saddam was found in a hole. We had the same story that is going on now, whether or not it is fair.... Arabs crying over it and Iraqis celebrating but that was classic because that was when his dignity was taken away from him. Now he is faced with losing his life and the beauty of it is I think in his twisted mind he somehow thought there would be a way out and this was the final nail in his coffin.

We need to think about the hundreds of thousands who died, the plus one million who have been displaced and live in countries because they don't have one of their own, they were all victims of this terrible tyrant. This should not be about the US elections or the Gaza offensive, this should be about congratulating and sharing your happiness for the man that once brought a whole country to its knees with fear, found himself shaking and shouting aimlessly well we Iraqis who understand what he stood for laughed and enjoyed his performance. Unlike his half brother who couldn't put a couple of sentences together Saddam managed to shout out his usual slogans and the sad part is that until this day sooo many Arabs believe it.

My colleague was almost in tears at work, she is Syrian and came in shouting saying oh my god that's the biggest asshole and meanest person I have ever seen, and I knew she can't have been talking about her baby Saddam and I asked her who?

Her response........ The judge for talking to them like animals..... Go fuck ourselves is what I wanted to tell her....... A slap is what I wanted to give her but I left for my lunch break swearing to myself that today has to be a good day. When supporters of islamism and ba'athism are in tears then that must mean the side I am on which sometimes even I am not sure of is winning.... This has been a long post but I will always remember Guy Fawkes day as the day in Iraqi history that Saddam's the Arabic lion persona got burned to show the coward he really is.

To the people who have died, lost relatives, been a victim of rape, or any sort of crime pre 2003 I want to say you have reason to rejoice as soon we will be hearing of Saddam's death or his rotting away in prison........

To those that see the problems in the current new Iraq, I say be patient, what Saddam taught a lot of Iraqis was not science, maths and arts but rather how to be able to kill, bomb and maim and that will take at least a generation to get rid of.... so the number of lives that have been lost because of Saddam will never be known because his teachings mean we will have to live through difficult times ahead of us until the Saddam is brought out of Iraqis and Arabs that still have 'him' in them.

Thanks and please visit more often I will be blogging more regularly